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events for 
July 9th
FRAA - Florence Regional Arts Alliance

120 Maple Street, Florence, Oregon 97439

541-997-4435 or 541-999-0859



Old Town Coffee Roasters

125 1/2 Nopal Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • Artist of the Month, Cheryl Pinnock mixed media work. Open 8am to 6pm everyday if you are not able to see the show.  


The River Gallery

1335 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • Join us for Champagne & Chocolate! 

  • Greg Kennedy creates beautiful horsehair, raku and high fired ceramics. Terry Rickett's stained glass window panels and hand carved fish are amazing.

  • The River Gallery is featuring an exquisite collection by over 20 Northwest artists. Some examples include:

    • Wood turned bowls and vases by Vern Oremus

    • Hand blown Oregon glass floats by Bob Meyer

    • Jewelry by Claudia Brown

    • Pit-fired ceramics by Michael Schwartz

    • Hi-fired and horse hair ceramics by Greg Kennedy

    • Wide selection of hand blown Oregon Glass Floats


Backstreet Gallery

1421 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • The 2016 Community Challenge “Summer Box Social Celebrating the American Spirit” is here! Using various sizes of round boxes, community members are encouraged to decorate them to honor the American Spirit!


Kenneth B Gallery

1458 1st Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • Featuring Tamarah Phillips' Show L'Ocean de Fleurs. Artist Reception is from 1-3pm. She is even doing a Artist's Q&A on July 30th from 1-2pm. She has over 30 new works!!! 

  • Studio & Gallery includes the works of JoAnn Chartier, Stu Henderson and resident artists: Tamarah Phillips, Gigi Lassan, Amanda McCrea and SK Lindsey.

The Hideaway Gallery

1254 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • The Gallery features a family of artists. Open later on 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour days for your enjoyment. 

Old Town Barbershop

1341 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • There is a fresh vibe over at the Old Town Barbershop! So refresh and enjoy some maritime and map art!

Alissa Clark Clayworks

180 Laurel Street


  • Benjamin Cahoon is a incredible local young artist that will be sharing his work at Alissa Clark Clayworks.  This is a great opportunity to talk to a artist and see the young talent that Florence has to share!

  • Summer is here! A special display of wall and table vases, flower bud holders, planters and ikebana vases.

Riverside Eats

1340 Bay Street



  • Take a break at the Riverside Eats to see the Siuslaw River, have a bite to eat, and see some fanatic art from local artists; Photography by Patrice Lampton, Stephen Jones, Rudy Gargioni and illustrations by Marcy Tippman.

The Vardanian Art Gallery

1300 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon 97439


  • Join the the Vardanian Art Gallery for Refreshments!

Silver Lining Boutique

2217 Highway 101, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • The Gallery above The Silver Lining Boutique is extremely proud to be hosting Bob Hefty and his Geometric Art.


Siuslaw Public Library

1460 9th Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • Lobby Walls - Watermedia by Bernie Herr.

  • Lobby Case - Bonnie Wilson and her whimsical Fairy Houses.

  • East Gallery & Brubaker Wall - A collection of bird photographs by several photographers.

  • Displays - Chris deNoir with her colorful and comical ceramic birds.

  • The Great Room displays - New Art to Arrive soon.


Florence Events Center

715 Quince Street, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • Visual Dynamics: An Evolving Conversation featuring the works of Janne LaValle (Lakeside), Susan Lehman (Bandon), WM Palston-Burger (North Bend)and Pat Snyder (Coos Bay) in Gallery One.  Show runs from June 29th to August 29th. Artist reception is July 9th from 3-5pm.

  • Dancing with Sea Lions! Happy 20th Birthday Florence Events Center!


BeauxArts Fine Art Materials & Gallery

2285 Highway 101 Suite H, Florence, Oregon 97439



  • Brainstorm some project to keep you busy this summer with Jo!

  • Come see examples of different mediums and artists in our community.

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